Pick Product

choose background and quantities of shirts

We have loaded the backgrounds on to the shirt for you

This removes 1 step out of the design process.

Choose how many shirts are in you product, this will determine the cost per shirt.

After you have finished designing you shirt you can just request a quote if you not sure

Some backgrounds have fish or a tropical setting.

Now just add your boat name and boat image on to the shirt


let us design it for you

Text Button

This button allows you to type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change text color.

If you don see the font you like just email us a picture of your boat name.


let us design it for you

Boat Name

Type In your boat name into the box.

 Use the arrow next to the word arial to choose a font style
If you don’t see your font email us a picture

Add Your Boat

use this icon too”add art” you can pick your boat here. there are other logos you an add as well.

use the x to delete the boat or change boats or logos

click the 3 lines to add art this will give you a list of directories.

use the search box if you are looking for boston whaler type in “boston whaler”

scroll thru and find the boat you would like to use.

if you can find the boat you want send us an email with a picture of you boat.


Add Your Boat Use this icon 




Type the model of your boat.

you can also seach for logos

if you can find the boat you want send us an email with a picture of your boat.



Size Your Boat

use the 2 sided arrow to drag and make you boat larger

you can also center where you want it using the 4 sided arrow

rotate button top right

trash button bottom left


We will always send a proof before printing you order.

after you been thru the process you can simply order the shirts. with every order you will receive a final proof whether its paid for or just asking for a quote.

we do mix and match men’s ladies & youth shirts.

you can just call and give us the sizes for men women & youth


Upload Image...

Want to spend time on the water? let us do the work for you.